According to conceptual and/or feasibility studies, AD Solutions can start to develop the detailed engineering design phase, considering the different relevant aspects as site conditions, substrates, sustainability, and the necessities that each project and our partners require.


To achieve the envisaged objectives, we offer individual engineering services, such as:

      • Detailed engineering of the overall biogas plant.
      • Identification and selection of key equipment.
      • Process flow diagrams – PFD.
      • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams – P&ID.
      • Preparation of operation and control philosophy.
      • Equipment and material list, and electro-mechanical specifications.
      • Engineering drawings (general and piping layout, civil construction and electrical distribution, isometrics, and as-built).
      • Technical planning for starting-up and maintaining the biological process in good condition.
      • Manuals of operation and maintenance.
      • Detailed project management.