• Consultant for the project Climate Protection Through Sustainable Bioenergy Markets (GIZ, Eschborn, 2020 – 2023)
  • The basic design of a biogas plant for industrial wastewater treatment. (state-owned company, 2008 – for Biogas Nord GmbH)


    • Design, erection planning, and selection of key equipment for a Biogas plant to treat chicken and pig manure (private client, 2016-2023)
    • Design, erection planning, installation, and startup of a biogas plant to treat waste and wastewater from a chicken slaughterhouse with waste from poultry farming (private client, 2016-2019)


    Consultancy on the development of a bioenergy research campus with an integrated solar PV and biogas power plant (“PV Biogas Hybrid System”). (private client, 2018-2020)


    Planning and implementation of a biogas plant for the treatment of organic waste from the sugar industry to produce bio-CNG for the substitution of fossil fuels (private client, 2008-2012)

    indonesia/ philippines

    Research and presentation of the framework for the implementation of bioenergy projects and the preparation of possible business contacts in the Philippines and Indonesia (GTZ, Eschborn, 2009).


    • A technical and economic evaluation of offers for a PPP project to implement an anaerobic treatment plant for market waste in Bangkok
      (GTZ, Eschborn 2000 – 2001 – for TBW GmbH).

    • Conceptual study for waste treatment in Chonburi
      (Municipality of Chon Buri, 1999 – for TBW GmbH).