AD Solutions offers consultancy for biogas plants to be installed as well as for biogas plants in operation with functional problems and biogas plants to be extended or modified.

Concept study

B ased on a concept study, we analyze whether your planned activities in the field of biogas are economically, technically, and organizationally sustainable. For this purpose the available substrates are evaluated, a basic design including a cost-benefit analysis is prepared and ecological and economic risks are discussed. We offer this service for newly planned plants as well as for modifications and extensions of existing biogas plants.

Feasibility study

A feasibility study provides our client with specific data on the envisaged biogas plant. In addition to information about the expected energy production (biogas/electricity/heat/vapor/CNG), we provide advice for digestate/fertilizer management and develop a concept for the treatment and use of the produced biogas.

Based on a detailed layout of the biogas plant, the total investment costs are estimated and the income from e.g., the sale of energy, waste treatment fees as well as the operating costs of the biogas plant is calculated to determine the profitability of the envisaged investment.

Biogas capacity test

The fermentation of organic materials (substrates) is state of the art and in most cases can be reliably controlled. Nevertheless, there is still a substantial research need – for example, the characteristics and interaction of some organic materials with conventional substrates or organic waste that has been rarely used for biogas production. Besides semi-continuous and batch biogas capacity tests, AD Solutions offers laboratory equipment to either expand an existing laboratory to perform its biogas capacity tests or to implement a new biogas laboratory.