Project development and plant design




Basic design of Biogas system and feasibility calculation


  • Assessment and evaluation of available data
  • Determination of expected biogas production/quality
  • Suggestions on digestate/organic fertilizer management
  • Development of concept for biogas treatment and utilization
  • Estimation of investment costs, income from energy and fertilizer sale, operation costs
  • Calculation of profitability



Detailed design of Biogas system


  • Detailed plant layout
  • Specification and dimensioning of required plant components and machinery
  • Mass and energy balance
  • Preparation of flow diagram, P&I diagram, general plant layout drawing, detailed drawings of plant components,  tank connection drawings, pipe drawings
  • Operation plan for the Biogas system



Consultation and support during procurement of plant components


  • Pre-selection and offer inquiry of key equipment
  • Consultancy on equipment selection
  • Supplier negotiation
  • Coordination of purchase and shipping of equipment bought in Europe
  • Coordination of technical issues after installation



Supervision during installation of plant components


  • Supervised installation of key equipment by experienced personnel



Supervision during start-up of the biogas system


  • Supervision during start-up phase
  • Basic plant operators training