Development of Biogas projects


  • Determination of profitability
  • Identification of suitable substrates and construction sites
  • Biogas plant lay out
  • Evaluation of possibilities for the application of treated sludge
  • Evaluation of economical use of produced energy (direct combustion, gas upgrading, electrical-, thermal energy)
  • Evaluation of adapted technologies and identification of local and international technology suppliers



Technology transfer/ Technology adjustment to local conditions


  • Consultancy for Biogas project implementations in consideration of local conditions and available technologies
  • Improving regional development through the assessment of local supply opporttunities for implementation of technology locally
  • Evaluation of possibilities to substitute components/equipments of the Biogas plant by components/equipments locally available



Start-up consultancy for Biogas plants


  • Preparation of start-up schedule, adapted to the project's Biogas plant in consideration of substrates to be treated and anaerobic sludge locally available



Biogas capacity tests


  • Carrying out anaerobic continuous and batch tests to determine anaerobic treatability and biogas capacity of substrates and mixtures of substrates, in close co-operation with  the laboratory of anaerobic process engineering at the University of applied science Mittelhessen